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Michael I love the musical history of Austin because I was not here in the beginning, only skirting around it in Ft Worth, Houston and then on to LA. But many of the people I read about and worked with later were here and some are still with us and some not. But the history of how things came to be and history and legacy is deep here. It wasn't about making a ton of money or getting a record deal because that's not what made music here - it was the fact that if you had good songs that were written not to make money but to express an idea and a situation that needed to be changed, that's how you make society better and music has a way of doing that. Wally Ingram played with Timbuk 3 and when I joined Eric Burdon again in 2006, he was the drummer. He talked about Austin days but not much more that than that - not the history of how that band got started and why. I saw Townes at the Exit In in Nashville in 1977 when I worked with Tompall Glaser (the 4th outlaw and studio owner at Hillbilly Central where Willie, Waylon and Jesi put together the first platinum country album) but didn't know where Townes and others put all the legacy together. Thank you for your insightful and detailed writings. We learn from history and glad you write about it...

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Will is the best! Very glad it's in his very capable hands.

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